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Volunteering at CERES

Volunteers make up a large part of the CERES community and we welcome your request to help us to create environmental sustainability and social equity in the world. CERES has many different areas that individual volunteers can get involved with - see the opportunities listed below.

Interested in volunteering overseas? 

See CERES Global.

Who can't volunteer at CERES?

CERES is unable to accept responsibility for legal minors, so we can't engage volunteers who are under 18 years old, or work experience students.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Corporate Group Volunteering

This option is currently being offered as part of more formalized partnerships. The volunteer days are available for funded groups of 10 or more. Team building activities are available. 

To discuss in more detail please contact Judy Glick on 03 9389 0140 or judy@ceres.org.au


The CERES Propagation Enterprise is located at the bottom of the Honey Lane Market Garden area. It was established in 2004 to supply certified organic vegetable seedlings and herbs to our market gardens and the broader community. CERES Propagation now employs two part time staff who in turn are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are involved in a variety of tasks from seed sowing to general maintenance. 
Click here to view the position description. - Click here to Apply


We are not currently taking volunteers for the following areas, however we do from time to time so please check back. This info is for reference only.

Site Maintenance

The site maintenance team has the ongoing responsibility to maintain buildings, infrastructure, energy, water and waste systems. The team is also involved in construction and landscaping. The position is being created to help the team handle the increasing demands placed on the site and also as an opportunity for sharing skills and strengthen our community connection.

For more information download the position description 

Site Gardener

The CERES garden is designed under permaculture principles and is maintained with organic methods. It consists mostly of native species, with some vegetable and herb gardens, a medicinal herb garden, and a lawn area. A Site Gardener is employed part-time to maintain the garden and manage the compost system. This role is appreciatively supported by a team of regular volunteers to assist with the upkeep of these responsibilities.

For more information download the position description 

Design Development - Professional Volunteer Position

CERES is a constantly emerging entity in terms of its community, demands on the site and new areas we prioritise to explore. There are many ideas at CERES that need to be developed into concept plans and eventually implementation plans which will often need to go through an external regulatory process. Design briefs will include landscape design, building renovations, infrastructure development. Plans developed may also be the basis of grant submissions.

Honey Lane 

Honey Lane Market Garden is a multiple use certified organic market garden set up for food and seedling production, as well as space for education and training. Set on an acre Honey Lane is also home to our Chooks and Propagation enterprise. Produce grown is sold at our Organic Market each week. Volunteers are involved in a variety of tasks from planting to harvesting, to composting and weeding. 


CERES runs a small commercial hydroponics system as well as a small developing world aquaponics research project. Both of these projects have ongoing volunteer programs. Volunteers can expect to get involved with propagation, planting, harvesting, nutrients testing, fish feeding and more. Positions are however limited.