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Cafe & The Merri

The CERES Organic Café has been a much loved institution at CERES serving us all delicious coffee and beautiful organic food – rain, hail or shine.  After over 15 years of operation the CERES Café has had lots of wear and tear and it is about to undergo a much needed makeover. 

The CERES Café will be closed from Friday 18th April 2014.

We would like to thank all of the CERES Café staff past and present who have worked tirelessly throughout the years to ensure that we are all well fed when we are at CERES.

Please show your support in the next few weeks to our Café staff. We would also like to invite you to come along to the Merri Table.

The Merri Table will be open for full café service from Monday 28th April 2014.


Will I still be able to get lunch at CERES? Will I still be able to get coffee?

The Merri Table will be open for 7 days per week with the same hours as the current Café.

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3pm
Saturday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Sunday 9:30am – 3:30pm

The Merri Table will have a full café menu available. We know how much you enjoy coming along to CERES for breakfast or lunch and the menu will include some of your favourites plus some new menu choices. There will also be sweet and savoury treats for those of you that want a quick snack.

The Merri Table will be providing full table service and we hope that this will mean less waiting for you. 

Great organic coffee is a must not only for our customers but also for our staff who love a good coffee first thing in the morning.

The Merri Table is located at the top of the CERES site near the Visitor Centre and Nursery.

Will the food still be organic? 

Yes, absolutely. Our Head Chef has been managing our catering service for the past 2 years and has great relationships with local growers and producers.  Our menu will showcase the best in local organic produce and will reflect the seasons.  We take great pride in our Community Food System through the work of our farmers who grow produce, our retailers who sell you produce or seedlings to grow your own and through our education programs which all strongly advocate for a sustainable and localised food system.

Will it be the same menu? Will the prices be the same?

We all have our favourite menu items down at the Café and some of these will appear on the Merri Table menu such as the Indo eggs. We would also like you to get excited about the new options that will be available and hope that they become your new favourites.


Our Head Chef has been excitedly preparing and testing recipes for the new menu. Once the menu is finalised a copy will be available online.


We will ensure that the new menu has a range of prices to suit everyone.

Where will my children be able to play?

The adjacent playground area near the Café will still be accessible as we know how much your children love roaming in the area.


Don’t forget to bring along your Keep Cup so you can drink coffee whilst supervising kids in the playground.


*Please be mindful though that the Café area will be a construction site and it is expected that there will be noise and dust.  Safety fencing will surround the Café and it will not be accessible to the general public.

When will the Café re-open?

The Café is getting a full renovation and there is a lot of work that needs to occur from the foundations right through to the installation of a new kitchen. It is anticipated that this renovation process will take between 12 – 18 months. We will keep you updated via our facebook page on renovation developments.

I heard that CERES has sold the Café. Is this true?

CERES has not sold the Café nor does it have capacity to, as CERES leases the site from Moreland City Council.  After much discussion and consultation CERES has decided to form a partnership with Hay Events Pty Ltd who will be responsible for the day to day running of the Café.


We are pleased to welcome Tom and Pip Hay into the CERES community and look forward to the opening of the Café.  For those of you with little ones, you may have already sampled some of their food down at The Farm Café at Collingwood Children’s Farm. 

What will happen to the existing Café staff?

Existing Café staff were offered the opportunity to work at the Merri Table. Some staff have chosen to take up this offer whilst others will move on to other opportunities. So you can expect to see some familiar faces serving your coffee and food and to help you navigate the new space.

I love CERES and have been coming here for years. How can I help?

You can show your support by frequenting one of our amazing social enterprises.  Come and enjoy the food and hospitality at The Merri Table, buy a plant from the Nursery, pick up some goodies from the Market and shop or order your next veggie boxes from Fair Food. 

All proceeds go directly to supporting CERES.

Become a member of CERES and you'll get great benefits and support us at the same time.


Or better yet come down and get your hand dirty by volunteering with our Site or Farm Team.