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We love India, and we're heading back for our 10th year! CERES Global have built such wonderful friendships, have gained great insight and understanding in to the needs and aspirations of some incredible communities, and now we're able to work together on some fantastic projects. 

The host organisations we work with are all exceptional in the community development and/or environmental work they do. For a description on the organisations we visit and the breadth of work they do click here.

This trip CERES Global will focus on engagements in Mumbai and in Pal. We have a number of Swinburne University student groups working on an IT project in Pal, a building project in Jamnya, and a community development project in Pitchandikulum, so while they're busy working on their respective projects, we can spend time with ApneAap kids in the Mumbai red light district, and with the local tribal Pal community working on social and environmental challenges.

Red light District Mumbai Maharashtra January 4th- 10th 2015

Tribal Villages  Pal, Central India January 4th - 17th 2015

Find details of the 2015 India engagement activities in Mumbai and Pal here.

For info on the Jamnya Sustainable Housing project, download the report here.
For info on the IT for Social Good project, download the report here.


India program costs are $950 per week. This price includes all internal transport, meals, accommodation, the purchase of carbon credits to offset airline travel, administration and project costs. This price does not include flights to and from India.

For more information contact Ben on 9389 0183 or global@ceres.org.au


CERES Global works with communities to generate solutions that are community driven and meet the needs identified by members of the community. Project sustainability is a key aspect of successfully engaging with communities ad projects are designed and implemented with these principles in mind. Focus areas include: